The Stones Speak (Print Version)


The Stones SpeakĀ (Kindle Version)


The Stones Speak addresses disappearing benevolence and compassion in the populace, both in a serious and whimsical manner, allowing for the opposites of nature to unfold and ultimately, allowing for the return of forgotten deities.

Kiana, reeling from the after-effects of abuse sets off to a new land, a new beginning to life. In Hawaii she embarks on spelunking Polynesian myth to make sense of her existence. Her search leads her to the study and participate in ancient rituals.

Across the world a Rabbi animates a golem setting off a chain of unexpected events as the golem develops in body, speech and desire. The rabbi realizes the golem is becoming differentiated, self-determined and is bound to disobey orders.

In the Mediterranean a giant octopus swallows whole fishing boats and the fishermen as food scarcity in the sea threatens to starve him. Watching over the sea is a deity known as Shadow by the octopus and ghosts who keep her company. Kraken, the octopus only wants food and the ghosts want a chance at redemption. The deity, or Shadow, remains content, contrary to her company who continually beseech her for their own needs. She patiently waits for the magical day of soul awakening.

Enthusiastically they all step into the unknown, the mysterious world of a new reality where ancient myth and the modern world meet.