Hiisi Fits (Print Version)


Hiisi Fits (Kindle Version)


Hiisi Fits Mennonite Soul Journey is a work of creative non-fiction employing at times stories entirely fictional to make poignant the intensity of energies at work. This is a journey of the soul. A story of creation and redemption, a story of one person, Anna, led to an awakening through threat of annihilation.

The original motivation for this books began as Anna explores both within and outer resources for answers to her predicament of unknowingly marrying a sociopathic individual. The story is one of creation and re-creation of life cycles with experiences feeling much like entering Dante’s Divine Comedy or Poe’s Decent into the Maelstrom. What unfolds as significant is the veil which is woven through a present life-time as well as through the history of mankind, obscuring the light of recognition of a repetitive cognitive enemy and thereby inviting into the parlor that which is most despised and unwanted.

Anna is on a journey in search of answers only the gods are able to provide. Religion, in all its horrific present and historical destruction, screams loudly through Anna’s story. The concept of hell in a child’s mind wounds the soul, sets a pattern of fear, fear that will indeed be actualized as we are bound to create our world unknowingly or at least until we see through the secrets hidden in the psychic, soul and spirit.

If the order of events leave the reader “floating” then the writing accurately reflects the emotional waves experienced by Anna as the story unfolds. Time sequencing becomes impaired when in the midst of recalling the many experiences.

Anna’s back story “reads like a bucket list of abuse”, as spoken by a reader, is an accurate statement. Be it known the bucket list has been toned down from reality for the protection of the reader, prevention of vicarious trauma, and for the protection of loved ones.

It is the author’s sincerest wish to empower those struggling with matters of the soul regardless of how the injury occurred.

Even though the story is based on the life of Anna, it is necessary to keep mindful of the collective consciousness as it plays out in the individual.