Are we living in a time of regression or progression? Perhaps both at once? On the surface it appears a time of regression as we witness grandiose exhibitionism from those elected to lead. A concerted effort at creating greater chasms between class, gender, religion, wealth and power is the screaming agenda on the world plate. And how do patriarchal dogmatic ideals create such chasms? Through discriminatory policy, verbal ejaculation of nonsense, redefining truth, fuelling embers of discontent, threats, abuse of that which is the warrior, the server of mankind and corruption possible through the power of wealth. This sounds indisputably like regression. The fire is refuelled, hot, the flames licking at everyone. The fire contains both destruction and utility.
What if, perhaps this is progression? Anyone with a keen sense of the human psyche is aware of peril of madness. Yes, the psyche’s thin thread is frayed and by all appearances is breaking at this moment in time. Consider that this dark winter of discontent is precisely what is needed to bring people together, to discover the wisdom of every tribe, class and gender? The phenomenal power of millions of women gathering to say No to these policies. The joining of forces within industries who employ people of all races. What if the destruction at hand results in the toppling of the elite? What if the divisions of religion and tribes ceases to exist for the fact that my creator is your creator and we are all in this experience together?
Love is one end of the spectrum, indifference the other. A prerequisite to advantageous change is to find the middle. Perhaps out of the ashes of destruction the phoenix will once again rise in all her glory. I trust the birth of freedom is forthcoming and thus, what appears to be dreadful is exactly what is needed to produce the changes we long for, and thus, the ultimate outcome is progression