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THE STONES SPEAK BY NORMA BREAKEY-KLASSEN IS NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON IT IS A CAPTIVATING READ BY AN INSPIRING CANADIAN AUTHOR & SOCIAL WORKER THAT HAS RECEIVED A PHENOMENAL RESPONSE FROM READERS WORLDWIDE Red Deer, AB, Canada - June 29, 2017: Rising Canadian author and social worker, Norma Breakey-Klassen has released her new book titled ‘The Stones Speak’. The book is now available in stock on Amazon with worldwide shipping and it’s available in the paperback and Kindle editions. Categorized by Amazon under literature and genre fiction, the book addresses disappearing benevolence and compassion in the populace, both in a serious and whimsical manner. “This book is especially for all those who enjoy subjects such as mythology, spiritual seekers and alternative religion.” Said Norma Breakey-Klassen while talking about her new book. “This novel is my literary contribution about the condition of our world and prompting of myth as a teacher as the stones cry out


Hope: Are you breathing at this moment? Wonderful! You are alive and if we are alive, we have hope, that flickering flame wanting to be found. It beckons from the most unsuspecting places. One needs only to be awake and receptive. Sometimes, The Stones Speak. Can you dream? You have hope. Can you imagine? You have hope Can you love? You have hope

Commentary (The Stones Speak)

Commentary on The Stones Speak. Several stories of Hawaiian myth regarding Kappo and Pele exist. In this book I have taken the liberty to expound on the data thereby, without a lot of alteration, bring them into modern society. I have also taken liberty with Greek myth which I trust the reader will find amusing. There exist a few stories of golems, first, Adam in Genesis was created from mud or clay, secondly, Pandora was similarly created, thirdly, there is the story of a Jewish Rabbi, Judah Loew ben Bezalel who created a golem and was later made to destroy it and lastly, Frankenstein. Again, I have taken liberty to re-create a new golem via the wisdom of a Rabbi for the purpose of this story. This author makes no claim to have a grasp on Judaism and only hope I have done my character justice. My primary character, Kiana, periodically records notes of