Hiisi Fits Mennonite Soul Journey

Hiisi Fits Mennonite Soul Journey is a work of creative non-fiction employing at times stories entirely fictional to make poignant the intensity of energies at work. This is a journey of the soul. A story of creation and redemption, a story of one person, Anna, led to an awakening through threat of annihilation.


Dialogue with Kaleo 4

Dear Kaleo, I am simply wanting to hear from you. I have been busy and missed our dialogues. Tell me something I need to hear. Dearest Anna, or do I now say Isda? (ha ha). I sense you are struggling with new concepts in regard to God. Let go of intellectualizing and allow the truth to find you. Know your waffling s of guilt are based on religious teachings. Your senses when you read through the New Testament told you that each writer had their own sense of truth about the Teacher and so does each individual today. That means you. It is your truth that matters for God informs you. All the writers beginning with the New Testament and those thereafter were/are on a  journey of truth; their truth, and you are on your journey, your truth as you need to know it for your growth. There are no absolutes for I Am All.

Dialogue with Kaleo 3

Dear Kaleo, In my minds’ eye I’m painting a shield of safety around the perimeters of a blank canvas, a painting that will depict love, inspiration, guidance, intuition, prosperity, health; a dance with the universe. I seem to be unable to complete the closure of the safety shield, there remains a gap. Why do I need this gap? Anna, the gap is the bridge to all the was and what may yet be. It is a need for staying open to understanding life outside of perfection, the one you know so well, your need to stay connected to the pains of the earth, to those struggling with imbalance. And speaking of imbalance, you would create one for yourself if you closed the gap entirely. Better to build a gate into the gap, one which you may open or close as desired. To fulfill your destiny Anna, you must step through the gate at times. You

Dialogue with Kaleo 2

Dearest Kaleo, I am in a perpetual state of discovering and understanding truths. Understanding that my truths are not anothers’ truth I am attempting to understand the best method for assisting others’ find their truths as this is the crux upon which my work revolves. Recommendations? My dear Anna, have people recall the times in their life when something magical or miraculous occurred, when their senses led them into perfect thought and action as all have had this experience. As you know, these moments of inspiration and intuition call us to attention and then, like most people struggling to survive amidst the world of humans, those moments are forgotten. The calling to memory serves to remind of the divine link. Thank you Kaleo, my faithful and loving voice.

Dialogue with Kaleo

Conversations with Kaleo delight all my senses compelling me to share some tidbits of gems brought to me via, “The Voice.” May the reader find delight in them also and thus, we will share a deeper love, wisdom, and laughter in search of soul and life’s meaning. The conversations I share are questions presented to Kaleo as they arise within and have no sequential order or topic. Aloha kaleo; If God is all there is, this one life, the only one that truly exists and God is perfect health; what is the process for healing the body? Dearest Anna; body dis-ease begins with soul injury therefore, the original injury must be sought and released. The injury of which I speak Kaleo is chronic and has been making itself known for a long time, perhaps since birth or even in gestation. How do I find the source? Anna; you must stop carrying the burdens of your